Azada Elementa Info:
  • Azada Elementa Description

    Dreams are wondrous, don't you think? In them you know no limits, no boundaries.

    Who are you in your dreams? A hero? A villain? A simple passerby? What happens when what seems like a dream becomes very, very real? What do you do? Wake up, dear friend! I need your help.

    Wake up! You're the chosen one! I found your name in the Great Book of Azada.

    You're the one who's destined to defeat evil!

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    Please view Azada: Elementa videos before you start download Azada: Elementa game.

  • Azada Elementa Walkthrough

    The cursor will change to a magnifying glass when you can zoom in on an area. Touch this area. When your cursor changes to a hand, you can interact with these items. The cursor will change to a magnifier when you can talk to somebody. Take a moment to search each scene for sparkles. Sparkles indicate an area with which you can interact. Inventory items can be found throughout the world. You can pick up these items when the cursor changes to a hand.